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keeling and about to fall off the fiscal cliff. right now, millions of small business owners are on the edge of their seats and trying to figure out how the fiscal cliff impacts their businesses. griff jenkins speak was the vice president and general manager of family owned company, princeton tech. >> we've been making products for the military over 10 years now. the military is being a u.s. manufacture they came to us, saw our product at various retailers, our headlamps and said that is a great headlamp. make changes and it will be a better headlamp for the military. >> sek quest traigs then, can military cuts which seem to be forth coming could then force troops to have to buy their own headlamp? >> yes. we're seeing it already. >> already? >> yes. >> we're seeing it where budget comes are coming into play. we're getting calls from troops and things that, where can i buy the product? i need to buy 144 of them. we're sending them to places because they don't have the budget. they need the product. the government not giving them budget to buy. >> you make the military lights,
, obama back on the campaign trail as he pushes his plan to keep us from falling off the fiscal cliff. hearing from a group of small business owners who met with the president yesterday. new evidence why green energy is a wasteful end to taxpayer money. wait until you hear about a new lawsuit causing bashes against wind companies. the los angeles auto show starts this week, the biggest of the year, gerri follows every cent later next on "the willis report. i always wait until the lt minute. can i still ship a ft in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. heartburn symptoms causedelieve by acid reflux disease. by december 22nd osteoporosis-related bone fractures and low magnesium lels have been seen with nexium. possible side effects include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. gerri: a cliff nobody's talking about. federal green subsidies expected to expir
and budget cuts from the so-called fiscal cliff. the president met with small business owners on tuesday to talk about the effect on their companies from taxes and other charges. right now congress is stalled over finding a solution as democrats demand higher taxes for high wage earners while republicans want cuts to entitlement programs. and last night on hardball, former republican senator alan simpson gave his thoughts on the fiscal cliff and failure of lawmakers to reach an agreement. p. >> they love their party more than they love their country. how it we get to that point, don't ask me, but the whole business of reform and money in the campaign and beat up the guy, and it's not a case of who wins. it's you want to be sure somebody loses. and i say to people whether it's grover norquist or whatever, lord's sake, if you can't step up to the plate, what can happen to you? they can't murder you, they can't burn your house. the only thing they can do is defeat for you re-election by throwing some coo-coo from the left or right on you and if that means more than your country when it's ex
by the fiscal cliff. if you think about creating a business, if you sell it, you want a good capital gains rate. you might have to start firing in january. i think if we miss this deadline the market will get pounded every thursday as claims spike because of mandated layoff where reports are right that a million people will lose their jobs in 2013. also we failed to rise above. and when that happens, believe me, you'll want every bit of this mountain gear. you'll want this -- we got use this. this will no longer just be a key chain, all right? because if we're going to climb out of the cliff, i need you to be the first there, i need you to be the first to the best stocks. so which are they? i envision all segments getting pummelled but the ones that bounce back first will be the ones that are sold down the worst. to me that manse i want to climb out of clift using a stock like home depot. yeah, man, i'm going to climb out there and get this. home depot. that's one i'm going to get. because it's up 54% for the year. the most visible winner in the dow jones industrial average. you may have to buy
and bay area business people are part of his push to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. >>> new details noon deadly fire at a clothing fire in bangladesh. factory officials are -- are arrested and accused [ male announcer ] introducing... a new way to save on your prescriptions. it's the aarp medicarerx saver plus plan from unitedhealthcare. with this plan, you can get copays as low as a dollar through a preferred network pharmacy like walgreens -- where you'll find 8,000 convenient locations. best of all, this plan has the lowest part d premium in the united states -- only $15 a month. open enrollment ends december 7th. so call today or visit your local walgreens. >>> a manhattan nanny has pleaded not guilty in the stabbing deaths of two children in her charge. ortega was arraigned in morning at hospital where she is being treated for self-inflicted stab counts she accused of killing a 6-year-old girl and her 2-year-old brother last month in the family's apartment. the family recently moved to new york from san francisco, the father worked at bloomberg and yahoo. >>> president obama wi
. >>> bay area small business owner met with the president yesterday to talk about this fiscal cliff, aurora is co-founder of an urban mushroom farm in oakland the farm was featured recently in "the chew." >>> congresswoman spwaoer introduced what she is calling her stop harming our kids resolution this morning on capitol hill. aimed at protecting minors from sexual orientation near i. the treatment -- therapy. critics call it junk science amountinging to psychological abuse. california is ahead of curve. governor brown signed a bill last month banning gay conversion therapy for minors. >>> supreme court is set to announce next week whether it will let prop 8 -- this morning -- [ unintelligible ] >>> still ahead, coverage of the storm continues, lisa argen will tell us next the -- when the next wave will hit. >>> here's a look from i-80 heavy rain east bay, break in the north bay, gusty winds and wind advisory next one to talk about, coming up. >>> plus, toxic chemicals in the living room. new study by bay area researchers on how widespread they are. >>> power ball jackpot keeps getting bigg
to talk about averting the tax hikes and budget cuts from the so-called fiscal cliff. the president met with small business owners yesterday to talk about the effect on their companies from taxes and other changes. and right now congress is stalled over finding a solution as democrats demand higher taxes for high wage earners while republicans want cuts to entitlement programs. >>> elsewhere on the hill, u.n. ambassador susan rice spent her day behind closed doors explaining statements she made back in september about those deadly attacks on the u.s. consulate in libya. her defense failed to convince her republican critics. nbc's tracie potts is on capitol hill with more on this. tracie, good morning to you. >> lynn, good morning. rice admitted that when she said the ambassador and three others who were killed were the result of spontaneous attacks, the information was partially wrong. as she has done before, in a statement after her meeting, she blamed it on bad intelligence information, talking points where references to al queda had been taken out according to sources and attacked ch
are not pulling the trigger to by the german robot. >> the prospect of falling off the fiscal cliff frightens more than just greenblatt. numerous business owners across the country are withholding investments in choosing not to hire new workers. that is because numerous tax advantages expire at the end of the year, and at the same time, the federal government looks set to drastically cut spending. experts say the results will be dramatic. >> if we go off the fiscal cliff, we then have an immediate recession in the united states. of course, that extends to all of the world because we are still the biggest market in the world. >> now it is up to politicians in washington to find a solution. no easy task, considering the partisan divisions in congress. the democrats who control the senate do not want cuts to social benefits. the republicans who form a majority in the house of representatives are opposed to tax hikes. time is running out. both democrats and republicans have indicated a willingness to compromise, but business owners are skeptical. and many american business people are very concerned th
. >>> on to our top story tonight, president obama ups the ante on fiscal cliff pressure meeting with small business owners from all walks of live at the white house today. the million dollar question? what will be the real impact on small businesss? with me now, straight from that meeting in a fox business exclusive is the cofounder of book to the roots, an urban mushroom farm growing gourmet business. wow i have to ask yyu a lot about that because i don't understand that. i will ask you first, what happened at the meeting? what did you guys talk about and what was the response you got. >> yeah, thanks for having me on. it was anncredible opportunity. it was really fun room. cool to see the energy andnd passion in the room. it was 15 small business owners along with the president and i think he asked us to share our stories and how we got to where we are today. he kind of explained a little bit about his vision for the economy and where he thinks it is going. and thoughts about what is top of mind for us about the economy. melissa: so what did you say and did you feel like he listened to y
the president's plan to avid the visibility -- avoid the fiscal cliff. he met with small business owners and he meets with ceos and in middle-class families today and he takes his message on the road friday and republicans say, enough campaigning. >> it seems our friends on the other side are having difficulty turning off the campaign, we need sit down and work this matter out. >> reporter: they have a my 2k retch reference to -- reference to the 2,200 dollars tax increase that middle-class americans would see if the bush era taxes are not extended. ktvu channel 2 morning news allison burns. >>> time now 6:16, well the florida socialite involving general david petraeus is now speaking out. jill kelley hired a well-known lawyer in washington d.c. she has released phone recordings that she never tried to exploit her friendship with general david petraeus. they also wrote to the attorney's office demanding to know why her name was revealed during the investigation of the fair of general david petraeus and his by owing grapher. >>> just weeks dag by owing graser. >>> just weeks ago, why he may now
and how the fiscal cliff was going to affect their business personally. i think a lot of business owners were really reaching out to make sure he understood that the decisions he was making right now really did affect their world. it's not just something that you read about in the paper. and in terms of solutions, there was a lot of things bantored about. nothing really concrete but the empowering thing for me was it was a chance for him to listen to us. and he was really listening more than talking, which was a surprise to a lot of us small business owners, and it was really just an empowering session that made you feel like as a small business owner you had a say in the production of what's going on. so it was a great experience. >> and at the end of the day, lisa, what is it you would like to see happen? >> i definitely would like to see the fiscal cliff voided and a deal cut sooner rather than later. i think it is particularly important that there are there were a lot of businesses involved in the room in retail. and it became clear to him that there was some ashurps before the holid
received phone calls from job creators in nevada concerned about this fiscal cliff. these business owners told me that this fiscal cliff would be too much for nevada. their employees are already bearing the brunt of congress's inaction. finding a solution, they told me. cut a deal. the devastating effect this fiscal cliff would have on nevada's small businesses would simply be too much for their businesses and the small business sector in nevada to handle. there are a number of issues that republicans and democrats can work together to address immediately. first, we must stop living by a temporary tax code. right now there is no certainty for a small businessman or woman to grow or start a new endeavor. these men and women need to know how to plan for the future so they can invest in new equipment, new buildings and more employees. second, we need fundamental tax reform. that's what many small businesses across this country, businesses want nothing more than to grow, hire more people and pass on a legacy to their children and grandchildren that shows with hard work and dedication, anythin
: business leaders are demanding action on the fiscal cliff but will they get it? president obama hears from ceos this afternoon. first we get lou dobbs take on all that. lori: we'll see how confident folks are. thereby buying treasurys a little bit today. long bond, 30-year treasury is yielding 2.77%. we're back after this. [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest, scuba divi the great barrier reefith sharks, or jumping into the marke he goes witpeople he trusts which is why he tde with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. socan worry about other things, like what the market is doing andeing ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket scice. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. >> i'm adam shapiro with the dow reversed its triple digit fall and went positive following optimistic comments from both president obama and house speaker john boehner. on the fiscal cliff negotiations. >>> allstate says superstorm sandy will cost it more than one billion dollars. the insurance company says 2/3 of the losses are in new yo
businesses survive a plunge off the fiscal cliff? plunge off the fiscal cliff? we ask one [ male announcer ] red lobster's hitting the streets to tell real people about our new 15 under $15 menu. oh my goodness! oh my gosh, this looks amazing! [ male announcer ] our new maine stays! 15entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oothe tilapiawith roastedegetab! i'm actually looking at the wo grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. at pork chop was great! no more fast food friday's! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] come try our new menu and sea food differently and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salad, sandwiches, and more. >> we are seeing it already? >> you are already seeing it. >> budget cuts are coming in to play. we are getting calls from troops and things that, you know, where can i buy your product? i need to buy 144 of them. we are accepting them it places where they can purchase it because they don't have the budget -- they need the product. the government's not giving them the budget to buy it. >> reporter: you seem to make the military
, battleground america. i talked to two top business experts with very different views on the fiscal cliff and how to save the economy. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. [ gordon ] for some this line is a convenience. how you doing today? i'm good thanks. how are you? i'm good. [ gordon ] but for others, it's all they can afford. every day nearly nine million older americans don't have enough to eat. anything else? no, not today. join me, aarp, and aarp foundation in the drive to end hunger by visiting >>> it's a little funny to watch a senator or congressman who got himself elected by promising the citizens of his state that he would go to wa
the pressure on republicans to avoid the "fiscal cliff." the president talked to small business owners at the white house today and he made his case to extend tax cuts for the middle class and allow bush-era tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest americans. republicans say raising taxes on top earners would hurt small businesses and cost jobs. >> we need to sit down and work this matter out. i think we have a clear sense that there's an opportunity her at the end of the year to do something important for the country. >> he has not waited for people to start smelling the jet fumes at national airport. he put forward a plan. >> if congress doesn't compromise the company will plunge into recession. >>> investigators have taken samples from the remains of long-time palestinian leader yasser arafat. eight years after his death, they are trying to determine if he was poisoned. rita nissan on a search for evidence. >> reporter: palestinian leaders laid wreaths outside the west bank grave of yasser arafat after forensic experts exhumed his body. international investigators took samples from his
the proposal the president has put forward to solve the fiscal cliff raises taxes on a million small businesses who employ 25% of the work force and an accounting firm has done a study has said if the president's proposal went into effect which is to raise taxes on the small businesses out there that it would cost us over 700,000 jobs and reduce take-home pay by 2% and reduce economic growth by 1.3%. what the president is proposing to do would hurt jobs and the economy, which is again, i ironic in that the president's only solution to solve our fiscal cliff issue is to raise taxes. in 2010, we had the same debate. raise taxes in the middle of a weak economy. at the time economic growth was 2.4 through the first three- quarters. number is 1.8%. the president said you shouldn't weak economy. has to lead on this issue. on people who create jobs in this economy if it is about jobs and the economy. and we all know what drives federal spending in this countryand we have seen no proposal from the president when it comes programs and getting them on athere is a solution out there, solution is to raise
today. he'll ask them how the fiscal cliff could impact their lives. on tuesday he invited small business owners into the oval office to offer their ideas. >> they had one message for the president which is they need certainty. please get this deal done as soon as possible. >> reporter: but spending any time on capitol hill it's easy to see a deal forthcoming isn't coming soon. >> there's been little progress with the republicans which is a disappointment to me. >> their hard left doesn't want to change anything ever. they think any dollar spent or any commitment made by the federal government on any program at any time ought to be there in perpetuity. >> we are not going to accept an unfair deal that will hurt middle class today and protect the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: the president and congressional leaders have no talks scheduled for this week. now the president's meeting today with leaders from goldman sachs and comcast and yahoo! among others on friday he's hitting the road going to a toy factory in pennsylvania. >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you so much.
will ask them how the "fiscal cliff" could impact their lives. on tuesday, he invited small business owners into the oval as of to offer their ideas. >> they had one message for the president at the oval office, they need certainty. please get this deal done as soon as possible. >> reporter: but spend anytime on capitol hill and it's easy to see a deal isn't forthcoming soon. >> there's been little progress with the republicans, which is a disappointment to me. >> their hard left doesn't want to change anything ever. they think any dollars spent or any commitment made by the federal government on any program at any time ought to be there in perpetuity. >> we are not going to accept an unfair deal that hurts middle class america today and protects the wealthiest americans. >> reporter: the president and congressional leaders have no talks scheduled for this week. susan mcginnis, cbs 5, washington. >>> president obama will continue his push for public support this week. he is set to meet with big business leaders and then on friday will hit the road traveling to pennsylvania. >>> the u.s. amb
with the business community for some time and holding meetings with the c.e.o.'s since august. and with the fiscal cliff starting this month. it will fix a rocky relationship with the business community. no longer do we hear the fat cat talk but we hear the urgency and what strikes me is we are hearing from people we never hear from before at businesses, including the c.e.o. of walmart or walgreens or c.v.s., the c.e.o. of walmart is saying we don't need the uncertainty and the customers don't. and c.e.o. of c.v.s. is saying to washington, dc, our american families, our customers do their own budgeting, they don't need what is coming out of washington, dc, right enjoy, but they want to know you are working on our behalf and walgreens saying the c.e.o. saying the lack of fiscal chair difficult in washington, dc, this is holding back walgreens from investing and creating jobs and creating economic pregnant for -- economic growth for the country. >>neil: i worry about those companies who could use this as a excuse for bad sales or down gravity in their stock and blame it on the fiscal cliff when it h
top business leaders on how the administration and congress can solve the crisis over the fiscal cliff. and fitch slashes argentina's rating by five notches on fears over a possible default. we'll speak to a bondholder who once represented the country's creditors. >>> first, let's check in on european markets. they are opening in the red, as you can see there. wow. a significant leg down on the ibex 35 there just since the last time we've checked in. now 1.3%, that index is shedding. the others holding up a little bit better, but still seeing losses. let's take a look at the bond space and see if a similar tone is con veiled. we are seeing yields continue to fall on a bit of a rally, including in the periphery where spain is yielding 4.5% in italy. earlier, we saw the euro/dollar weaker and still is by about .2 of a percent. also keeping an eye on that dollar/yen, which is dropping by half a percent today to 81-70. so below 82. for more, let's head over to deirdre wong morris. the shanghai composite has closed in the red again, extending one of the longest bear market runs in three yea
the fiscal cliff. and what is the president doing? yesterday, he met with small business leaders. at the white house. the white house met with leaders of jack lew, the chief of staff. met with leaders of the chamber of commerce. today the president is meeting with some middle class americans who would be severely impacted if the middle class tax cuts were to expire. what this article really references is the president the white house announced yesterday is going on the road on friday, he's going back. he's going up to pennsylvania. going to visit a toy store -- last saturday, he also visit at small business, bookshop with his daughters. in arlington virginia. to make the point. the president is going out there, the white house now says he will be going around the country and building up popular support for his plan and putting pressure on congress to pass his plan and republicans are suddenly whining and crying. mitch mcconnell says yesterday, this is terrible for the president to be out there campaigning. >> rather
the fiscal cliff factor in? we'll talk strategy with a former lottery winner. >> we begin with the fiscal cliff. this afternoon president obama is scheduled to meet with several business leaders including ceos of home depot, macy's, caterpillar and at&t but futures are falling with signs there are troubles with negotiations on capitol hill. a market credible deal to solve the cliff is key to economic growth. >> that annual growth idea, that prospect is real in my view if we actually did get a market credible $4 trillion plan. the markets would realize those guys can govern. the big question is can we get a market credible plan. what would it look like at this point? >> senator reid said we won't have one. everyone has to get used to that. warren buffett talking about going over. probably going to happen in january. i feel like we're going to go over. you can meet with all of the ceos you want to. doesn't really matter. 200,000 people in a room. doesn't really matter. norquist saying don't have a deal. have to raise taxes. democrats don't seem to favor lowered defense budget and favor high
about 30 more minutes of business. >> top ceos set for a fiscal cliff meeting with president obama just over an hour from now. we're going to take you live to the white house next. plus, we'll hear from one democratic lawmaker willing to dive head first off the cliff if that's what it takes to reach what he thinks is a good deal on tax hikes while protecting entitlements. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 this morning, i'm going to trade in hong kong. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 after that, it's on to germany. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 then tonight, i'm trading 9500 miles away in japan. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with the new global account from schwab, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i hunt down opportunities around the world tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 as if i'm right there. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and i'm in total control because i can trade tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 directly online in 12 markets in their local currencies. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i use their global research to get an edge. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 their equity ratings show me how schwab tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 rates specific foreign stocks tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 based on things like f
ryan, who is in the midst of all of these fiscal cliff negotiations. so it is a busy time in washington right now. and mitt romney will be coming right into the thick of all of this. but, you know, a lot of this is happening just as it seems the romney folks and people in romney world are trying to resuscitate mitt romney's image somewhat. you see stu stevens taking out an op-ed in the washington post just today, brooke, talking about how losing is just losing, and that it is not a mandate to throw out every idea that this candidate expressed during the course of the campaign, and it is not an excuse to show what he called disrespect for what he calls a good man. so we're seeing a lot of mitt romney, not just from the former candidate, but from people around him as well. and so it is going to be interesting to watch all of that tomorrow. >> obviously we would love to be a fly on the wall in the room. we will not be there. but during his first post election press conference, the president hinted at some possible discussion points. watch. >> that's right. >> how can we make the federal go
can do to make this a better country to live in. here with the latest on the fiscal cliff, the showdown, much more, stuart varney from the fox business network and the cohost of "the five," dana perino. can i have free birth control, free healthcare? what's snowpacked. >> i don'what's happened?>> i dy wakes up in the morning, saying what can the government to give to me? there's still self determination to get ahead, but the government sits like a lead weight on our ankles. particularly if you get into a situation where the government is not just your safety net, but becomes part of your everyday life for maybe a generation or two, it becomes harder to break that cycle. >> look, i think deep down america knows that what's going on is wrong. i don't see great enthusiasm and euphoria following the re-election of barack obama. deep down, i think america knows there's something wrong with the state of america today. it's become what can i get from my country? we know we can't afford it. we know that it's not traditional america. we know that morally it's wrong. there's a deep
to the fiscal cliff. ed henry is live with us at the white house. what seem it is to be lost in this is the tax cuts going to expire. that's it. if they want to extend them on some, they can. but he will not allow it on people who make more. what part of this is confusing? >>reporter: a lot of other pieces that are confusing because no one wants to come to the table and work that out. if they just sat down they could probably figure this out. what republicans say they are frustrated about when the president talks about a balanced approach, they say in the campaign it was not just raising taxes on the rich but about cutting spending, that was the balanced approach. if you listened closely today the president focused on the tax changes in the short term, but suggested, then, we could wait for the spending cuts until next year. >> it would give us more time than next year to work together on a comprehensive plan to bring down our deficits, to streamline our tax system in a balanced way. that includes asking the wealthiest to pay more. >>reporter: republicans believe the president is saying he will
the fiscal cliff. later today the president is meeting some of the nation's business leaders as well. fox business network's peter barnes live at the white house with more on that. so, which ceo's is the president talking to today? >> well, jon, it is interesting the president putting pressure on republicans to increase taxes on the wealthy. to let the bush tax cuts for wealthier americans expire and he is going to be meeting with some of those wealthier americans later today at the white house, those ceo's you just mentioned. there will be 14 of them including the ceo of yahoo!, of merck, coca-cola, and at&t he will well as lloyd blankfein, the see i don't of goldman sachs. he already came out in favor of higher taxes. in a column he wrote this week, he", i believe tax increases especially for the wealthiest are appropriate but only if they are joined by serious cuts in discretionary spending and entitlements. significant because blankfein and his partners make millions in salary and bonuses each year. jon: interesting. what is the status of the negotiations at this point, peter? >> repo
message on avoiding the fiscal cliff straight to the middle class. and even some business leaders. president says he's ready and willing to get the issue resolved in a bipartisan manner. speaking of bipartisanship, tomorrow the president will host mitt romney at the white house. their first face to face meeting since the election. when's the point? ambassador susan rice back on capitol hill for a second day trying to end the heated back and forth over her role in the investigation of the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi. what republican senators are sayisa saying today. plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer up to 9 months. [ male announcer ] because enbrel®, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma,
of the folks from business will be talking about the fiscal cliff. >> all right, ty. that will do it for us on "power lunch." >>> breaking news on the economy moments away on "street signs." >>> hello and welcome, everybody, to a very special edition of "street signs." we are just seconds away from breaking headl
, but susan rice coming up empty handed. and president obama talks fiscal cliff with a dozen of the country's business leaders with. innocent dolphins shot to death by humans. we're going up into the air, looking for answers. i'm wolf blitzer, and you're in the situation room. >> a second day of meetings with republican senators didn't go better than the first day for the em battled u.n. ambassador, susan rice. she has been under attack for her statements about the attack in libya. republican criticism remains sharp, and her future fb a possible nominee for secretary of state is questionable at best. dana bash is working the story for us, what happened today? >> reporter: you know, wolf, it was one thing for susan rice to get harsh criticism after yesterday's meeting with senators mccain, graham, and ayote, but it was different to hear the concern from one of the last centrist republicans in the senate. >> susan collins would be one of the most likely to throw susan rice a lifeline. it didn't happen. >> i continue to be troubled by the fact that the u.n. ambassador decided to play what was,
. they are headed to the white house today weighing in negotiations over the fiscal cliff as the president tries to pick up outside support for his proposed tax increases. doug luzader joins us live from washington with more. hi, doug. >> ainsley good morning. business leaders are pleading with the white house to come up with some kind of a deal to assert spending cuts as part of the big fiscal cliff. no deal in sight yet. take a look at what happened on capitol hill yesterday. naked protestors stormed the office of house speaker john boehner. they are protesting cuts in healthcare they say but shows how any kind of spend wiing cut are nearly impossible these days and they are warming for the president's call to raise tax revenue. many democrats are emboldened since the election refusing to talk about any specific cuts to federal spending. >>> president obama and democrats ran on a promise of bush tax rates. president obama didn't hide that last year of the campaign every place he went that's what he talked about. americans when they voted raised their voices and supported our pledge congress ac
. >> as we continue to move to solve the fiscal cliff problem, the one thing we do want to look at is make sure small business is growing. i started my first business when i was 19 years old. had to build a counter on my dad's shop. it was a sandwich shop. we look at small business and look at growth there. they are the engine that makes this economy grow. today we'll meet with individuals in the business community. next week we'll have a small business coalition and continue to come in and talk to us on ways that we can solve the fiscal cliff while at the same time grow this economy. this goal of this republican majority is to solve the fiscal cliff once and for all and put us on a path to growing the economy. >> we are 34 days away from what would be the largest tax increase in american history, and speaker boehner and the republicans have put forward a balanced plan that would prevent that from happening. and not devastate our economy at a time when our economy continues to struggle and people are having a tough time finding work, we need to take action that will ensure that small busin
't you be caucus? she has abercrombie breathing down their necks and a fiscal cliff, certainly weakening the consumer, as we get closer there are a lot of things, despite how good the quarter was i would be shaking in my boots because there's a big tax bill coming come january and a lot of retailers should be scared and cautious. dave: you say the time to buy all equities is right now. why is now the best time? >> the market over the next six months could reach $15.76, the s&p 500 reach of $15.76 which was the financial bubble, we are seeing good market fiscal cliff issues get resolved maybe 20% -- dave: what if they don't get resolved? >> they will delay the decision at this point and over the next three to six months resolve fiscal cliff issues that there will be resolution. liz: you save $15.76 at $14.09 at the moment. how do we get there? that is a lot of optimism. we need to that market fuel. >> we believe over the next six months the market can reach the financial bubble high we made many years ago and we think this is a great time to invest, this correction was absolutely a time t
to the fiscal cliff discussion over and over again because unless we get the economy really moving and growing in a long run, these budget problems will occur over and over again. we have identified eight areas where we find, these things would move the needle in a reasonable time frame, two or three or four years we start to see impact and there's quite bipartisan support. and the sustainable budget compromise. number 2, easing immigration now. we need a broader immigration reform, but it is one of the abilities to move rapidly to inject skill to the economy to fill jobs we badly need to fill to sustain our growth. it is not long term solution to the skill problem in america but a critical step we need to take to move the needle. we have got to simplify and realize the corporate tax code. everybody agrees. we just did a survey that included a loss of members of the general public, not business leaders, not sophisticated observers of the economy but the general public, and 70% of the general public believe we need to simplify the corporate tax code. that is how deep the understanding of the pr
going over that ever talked about fiscal cliff. now the white house says president obama is taking his case to the people. meeting with small business leaders. today middle class families, tomorrow in hitting the road for a campaign style rally on friday. gop leaders say he should stay in dc and try to work out a deal. house republicans say they're also planning to get out of washington and hold events from small businesses back home. james rosen live at the white house tonight. do we know whether the talks have broken down? >> the white house says no, shep, that the work continues between key staff aides on both sides. but there is for this week as yet no follow-up session planned for negotiations like the one that the president held in the roosevelt room earlier this month with all four leaders from the house and senate. democrats more thanked from that session back on november 16 talking about another to be held the week after thanksgiving. >> the people he needs to be talking to are members of his own party so he can convince them of the need to act. we're not going to solve this p
, and certainly as a citizen. where do you see realistically the fix for the fiscal cliff coming out? what does it look like? where is it -- where are the compromise points? >> well, soledad, the organization that i represent, the financial services roundtable, and our members are very concerned about this issue. by the way, we should be clear about the stakes if they fail to solve this. the respected and nonpartisan congressional budget office said if they don't solve this in a timely manner we're going to have unemployment back over 9%, and we'll go back into recession. so the stakes are high. i think, in order for the policy airplane to fly over the fiscal cliff it's going to need two wings. one wing is what speaker boehner has said, which is we are going to have to work on revenues and put that on the table. the details are to be defined about that. but at least they're working on it, and there's some acknowledgment around that. but the other wing, of course, is structural spending reform, and containment. and that's going to have to include entitlement reform, and so far there's less progr
. >>> stocks were down over concerns of the fiscal cliff. the dow finished down by nine points. the s & p500 was down seven points at the close. >>> a lot to talk about with our weather let's get right to it. i think ken summed it up pretty well. it seems it's the calm before the storm. >> it is, and this is a healthy looking storm system. a series of storm systems. i have to tell you if it wasn't coming we would be going where's the rain. so this is what happens in california. i think we get something like this once every other year or once every year that we get a big serieses of storms. this is ours. this is the first one we may see more. we will come in a little bit closer and this first wave of showers moving through the bay area tomorrow morning during your commute. about 250 miles offshore. in that area, there are some -- very strong winds and even some thunderstorms behind it. the current radar. we have the radar sweep on. now when i come back tomorrow night and show you this radar sweep there's not going to be a lot on it. because the main event is tomorrow morning during the mornin
the wealthiest americans. that this fiscal cliff that we are facing can be resolved very quickly if we pass a bill to extend the tax cuts for those people. i really hope that that's what we can do in the next two weeks in order to really take that off the table for american families who have suffered so much in all of this. >> but seeing that schism between the speaker of the house that has a conservative house caucus and other folks even in the senate who have a more progressive view on this thing, is this a sign of sis m or do you think the president has advocated the fever may be breaking amongst republicans over the questions of tax razors. >> i think it is a realistic approach to where we are today. the american public spoke in this last election very loud. the issue of whether or not the tax cuts to go back to the clinton era for the top 2% ought to happen, was debated pretty loud everywhere and the president won, senate democrats won, and that issue was clearly stated by many americans that they believe the top 2% of americans should participate in helping us in this challenging time
. >>> averting america's fiscal crisis. more business leaders headed to the white house today. we'll talk to someone rising above trying to find solutions. david cote. >>> regulation nation, what america's financials are in for after the fiscal cliff deadline. >>> and when rising above takes to the road. we're going into d.c. power players districts and asking constituents whether they're onboard. >> there's an awful lot of talk of what they ought to do. they need to stop talking and start working. >> the second hour of "squawk box" starts right now. ♪ >>> good morning, and welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. take a look at futures as we set up the market today. some red arrows across the board. dow looks like it opens up about 22 points lower, s&p 500 off by four points, nasdaq off, as well. let's get through some of the morning headlines. the white house expected to send congress a multibillion dollar request for funds to help the superstorm sandy recovery effort. not clear how large that request is going to be, although some now are saying it's likely to be at least $11 billion. sa
the tax increase could have on them and their likelihood. how does the fiscal cliff impact california? larry, a lot of talk on how it will impact high earners. a lot of middle income class folks could feel it as well. >> if we go over the fiscal cliff, we're going to suffer as much as anyone else. that in itself is a distressing combination. of 2 million jobs lost nationwide, expected to be lost because of reduced government spending, 230,000 will disappear here. that breaks down to 135,000 in defense and 95,000 in other nondefense sections. in fact, the state will lose $11 billion in income during the first year alone. >> wow. so you've got employment issues, but what about other subsidies that we might lieu? >> and there are a lot. those in the greatest need of course will suffer the most. it's expected at least 500,000 californians will immediately lose extended unemployment benefits. education tax credits and other credits for low income families. also, federal aid education, agriculture subsidies will be reduced if not eliminated, at least for the time being. between higher taxes
and the president are no closer to a deal to avoid masigs, tax increases in spending cuts that so called fiscal cliff. the senate top rbi republican says the president is back on the trail instead of sitting down with lawmakers to negotiate a settlement. the president met with small business owners to built support for the aproich. tomorrow, meeting with middle class families. the president wants higher taxes for the wealthy. and un ambassador susan rice went to capitol hill to meet with republican senators. she's high on the list to secretary of state. she's been under fire from senate republicans over the attac killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens. today's meeting did not go well. >> we're doubled by many of the answers that we got. i'm more disturbed now than before. >> the republican senators stopped short of saying they'd block the nomination. they say they need more information and have more questions about the incident in benghazi. >> we're coming up on december to 1. that is the day mayans said the world would end. one scientist has been answering countless let
to campaign mode as the white house decided to lobby for public support of his fiscal cliff policy positions rather than negotiate a compromise. president obama believing he won a mandate with 51% of the popular vote in last month's election. sitting down today with small business leaders at the white house meaning tomorrow with the ceos of larger firms and middle class taxpayers, and then a true campaign-style rally held in a toy factory on the outskirts of philadelphia friday where the president continues his christmas themed attacks against republicans and their positions. a meeting to hash out a deal with congressional leaders not on the president's schedule as of this moment. we'll take all of this up here tonight, and republicans taking action to resolve at least part of the illegal immigration dilemma, a strong moderate alternative to the democrats' dream act proposed, a dramatic republican pivot on the issue led by two outcoining republican senators who, today, introduced the achieve act. senator hitchenson of texas works on the legislation for almost a year, among our guests here to
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in the world blames everything in the fiscal cliff but i'm not so sure. jeff, i want to get your take on these numbers. ko core capital goods. it is a recession signal if i didn't know better. i know you don't want to talk about the fiscal cliff, but that is a lot of what is weighing over what policy is going to be. regarding regulation and taxes. profits are slipping and many believe profits are going to continue to clip? the profits are or earnings clip. i'm worried. they are falling. earnings are flattening out. one of the biggest problems that i'm having is there doesn't seem to be a lot of fear or talk about it. if you look at the fear in the marketplace it is low. it tells me two things one people don't know what is going on or they are not drinking the kool-aide and feel nothing is going to happen. the earning's story is still in tact. look at what is happening in china. they are in the middle of a soft landing. by the time we get to the point where we see valuation become the story again, we could see the market again. >> i think it is a lousy way to determine the role in wash
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